Children and young people with disabilities from Quilpué marveled at the MIM

Open eyes, alert ears and hands eager to feel everything, this is how the children and young people who participated in this educational and socialization outing organized by the Office of Functional Diversity of the Municipality of Quilpue.

The museum, which offers free admission to people with disabilities plus one companion, has gradually become one of the most inclusive cultural spaces in the country. In fact, a few years ago it signed an agreement with the National Disability Service to ensure that as many people as possible have access to and participate in the museum's spaces and services, establishing museographic guidelines for inclusiveness.

Camila Arancibia, was one of the young people who joined the trip, and commented: “I liked it a lot, I shared with my friends, with the mothers and I am very happy because I came here. I liked moving the ropes, putting houses in a tremor”.

Mariela Bravo, who also usually participates in all the activities, had already visited the museum before, however, she enjoyed doing it with her friends.

“It has been a very nice, enriching experience for me, getting to know the museum and I get along very well with the girls, it has been a very pleasant trip. I have had several experiences, but this time it is the first time that I go through it completely and it is much bigger than I thought. I like to learn, to get to know and I have read and known a lot of games too, so I have had a great time. Here we are a big family, we have a great time with the kids, we share, we exercise and the teachers are excellent.”

Vicky Núñez, mother of 13-year-old Benjamín, indicates that "it has been a very entertaining, transversal experience, because in the end, one comes as a companion, but she ends up enjoying the museum anyway, so we both had a great time."