Accessibility and Inclusion

An inclusive museum

In 2019, an Agreement was created between MIM and SENADIS, to ensure that as many people as possible access and participate in the museum's spaces and services. To this end, museographic guidelines for inclusivity were established:

  • Mapping of the park, buildings and modules to guide the visitor with a disability.
  • Execution of inclusive projects and modules: Solar Plaza, Sonic Challenge Module, sensory astronomy workshops, inclusive virtual route, among others; especially focused on people with visual or physical disabilities.
  • Since 2020, SENADIS has been advising all the projects for new rooms, providing an inclusive look and experience for the new spaces of the museum. The first one inaugurated with this model was “Matemática”, soon to be followed by “Comunica-T” and “Yo Exploro”.

Preferential access for people with disabilities

The MIM is committed to integrating people with disabilities in our spaces and services. For example, those registered in the National Registry of Disability have free access together with a companion.

Inclusive modules

Creation and intervention of rooms, modules and workshops with an inclusive perspective or training of the MIM team in this matter, are some of the actions that we have undertaken to change the way of perceiving disability.